Study: You do not talk about loans

A installment loan is used in Germany like, but you do not talk about it. This is the result of a representative survey by IPO on behalf of Harry Potter Bank . Especially installment credit enjoys the highest reputation in Germany. A total of 40% of the 1000 surveyed consumers could imagine taking up a installment loan. Because it is simple and straightforward, affirm 57% of 34- to 57-year-old respondents and 56.6% of respondents with a high school diploma and university degree.

But you do not talk about it. For a borrowing is still a taboo subject that is not broken. So 72.5% have never talked to friends, relatives and colleagues about the subject. But also the need for education is very high. So 41% could not assess what conditions the installment, retrieve, Disposed – as well as the credit card has. Particularly clear is the comparison between the sexes. For 46% of the women surveyed had no opinion on the different types of credit , for men it was 36%.

The educational level also plays a role. For example, 48% of respondents with a master’s degree have little knowledge of credit . But even 37% of people with a high school diploma could not make a specific assessment in terms of loan types